Saturday 12 July 2014

Summer Adventures - My Summer Bucket List

Summer goes by way too fast. For me, the end of summer is a double hit this year though. When summer ends, so does my maternity leave. While sticking to my strict maternity leave budget, I've decided that I need to pack in as much fun as I can, so I made a list. Hopefully, that will keep me from getting too scattered and help me make the most of the time I have left as a stay-at-home mum. 

Some of these things I’ve done before, but never with a baby, so I’ll definitely be experiencing them with new eyes.  Hopefully they're stroller-friendly!

Last summer, I didn’t go many places, because it was abnormally hot (at least it seemed that way to me, a pregnant, soon to be mummy) and my ankles were abnormally swollen. This year, I’m hoping to enjoy my summer a little more.  It's already July, so there are only 6 weeks left.  Can I check every item off my list? I'm certainly going to try!

1) Zoo (Cherry Brook or Magnetic Hill)– Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of zoos, because I always feel like the enclosures are too small, but I think my son would love to see some of the animals. He loves our pets, and there are pictures of animals on the walls of his room, so I’d like to see what he thinks of big animals.  

2) King’s Landing – neither my husband nor I have been to Kings Landing for MANY years, so we thought it would be a fun little day trip. 

3) Eat at Ossies Lunch - As a kid, this was one of my favourite places to eat in the summer. You get to place your order, listen for your number and eat outside on picnic tables.  What could be better than that? The food is amazing! An old-fashioned take-out specializing in seafood. Soooo yummy! You haven't had fried clams until you've had Ossie's fried clams. Seriously.  Even Chef Michael Smith has said they have he best fried clams in Canada! ( ) I haven’t been there in a couple of years, so this summer, it’s a must-eat! This is their Facebook page, in case you're interested: 

4) Make Pickles – I’ve never made real pickles – like dill or bread and butter.  I’ve successfully made pickled beets and chow chow, but never pickles.  I’ll have to do a little research, but hopefully I can do it! (If you have a good recipe, help me out!)

5) Playgrounds – Since C. loves playgrounds, it’s time to find some really fun ones.

6) Uptown Saint John Public Art Tour – I have a brouchure with a self-guided public art tour from Uptown Saint John.  I think this will be a little day activity for C and I.

7) Farmers Markets  (The Boyce Farmers Market in Fredericton , and the Kingston Market on the Kingston Peninsula) – I haven’t been to the Fredericton Market in a few years, and I’ve been really wanting some of the good eats you can find there.  Even though it’s a year round farmers market, It’s best in the summer and fall, I think. The Kingston Market is closer, so it should be an easy check off my list.

8) Visit St. Andrews – I always visit St. Andrews-By-The-Sea at least once during the summers.  I didn’t get there last year, so this year I have to get there!

9) Attend the Buskers Festival -  Buskers come to Saint John every summer. I've seen performances while visiting PEI, but never in my own city.  I have to change that this year.  Since they are coming up pretty soon, I should be able to check this off my list quite quickly!

6 weeks, 9 adventures! I better get started!

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