Monday 15 August 2016

Review: Roll & Play Game

Our house has a new favourite thing! It's a game called, "Roll & Play Game: Your Child's First Game." It is a simple game that is both educational and fun - for the whole family!

It's a great way to work on taking turns, playing together, focusing, reading pictures and words, following directions, and all of the skills associated with the game - colours, counting, emotions, body parts, actions, animal sounds.  This game has everything! 

In the instruction packet, it explains how the game was created. The inventor had been talking to a toy store owner and asked what their customers ask for that isn't already on the market. The response? Games for 2 year olds. The rest is history! I have been looking for games for my almost 3 year old, and I agree. It's very hard to find games that are suitable, so I was so excited to find this game.

The instructions are simple:

1. Roll the giant stuffed cube. It's soft, so it can really be thrown, which is half the fun!
2. Pick the card that matches the colour that's rolled.
3. Act out the card. 

Each card colour corresponds with a skill. Yellow for emotions, orange for counting, blue for colours, purple for body parts, red for actions and green for animal sounds. They're all really fun. 

Little C loves it! He loves giving everyone a turn to roll the dice, loves picking up the correct card, and seems to have a different favourite category each time we play. 

For us, what's great about this game is that it works on all of the goals we have set for Little C for his speech language therapy. He says some words, repeats motions and sounds, matches, takes turns, and works together. His focus is incredible during this game!

I think I have found a new go-to shower or 2nd birthday present!

*Note: This is a totally non-biased review. I don't get anything for free! :) This is where I purchased the game, in case you want to get it for yourself and support a small business: Owl's Hollow: Toys & Games for Curious Minds, in Charlottown, PEI.

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