Tuesday 5 August 2014

Less than 3 Weeks to Complete my Summer Bucket List

August is here. That means that summer is coming to and end. Worse than that, my maternity leave is quickly coming to an end. I have to make the next three weeks count. I have an incomplete Summer Bucket List!

I didn't make any real progress on my bucket list this past weekend, but I think I can get it done before work starts up again. I need a plan though. Because I'm stressed about going back to work, I'm in total scatterbrain mode. I need to have some fun and make every day of the next few weeks count.

So, here it is. This is my plan to complete my bucket list in three weeks:

1) The Zoo - Magnetic Hill Zoo, on our way to PEI (If C. really likes it, I may try to sneak in a visit to the Cherry Brook Zoo at some point in the next month.)

2) Kings Landing - This one may be a September trip, because there aren't many unplanned weekends left. I think they usually have some special events in the last summer/early fall, so it could be a good alternative, if we can't get there before school starts.

3) Make Pickles - Labour Day weekend - I'm currently searching for a good recipe. Something dilly and sweet? Or maybe bread and butter pickles? I don't know what I'm doing. Help! I need a little help, please!

4) Playgrounds - We're up to four, but we need to see MORE! I think we'll head to a playground in the city later this week, and we're going to stop at any that we see in PEI.  How many can we add to our list? I'm aiming for 6 more!

5) Uptown Public Art Tour - Hopefully, we can check this out this week. If not, it will be done next week. The Sculpture Saint John kicks off on Thursday, so hopefully we can check that out at the same time.

6) Farmers' Markets - I can't believe I've only been to one Farmers' Market this year. Tsk, tsk. Maybe this Saturday will be nice and we can head over to the Kingston Market. Maybe we can hit up another one in PEI.  Could I be adding too much to my PEI list? My husband would say yes. His idea of vacation (i.e. relax) and my idea of vacation (i.e. go, go, go) are very different.

Three weeks. 18 days. Can I do it?

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