Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Something Good Is Happening On Facebook

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. I use it a lot, but, from time to time, I think about deleting my account. Facebook is my go-to place to connect with friends and family, and an easy way to make plans for get-togethers. During the winter months of my maternity leave, it was sometimes my only contact with the outside world and a source of (much needed) adult conversation. 

One of the big reasons that I sometimes turn Facebook off is the negativity - definitely not good for a new mum, trying to stay ahead of the baby blues, or anyone else for that matter. Whether it be people starting unnecessary arguments, posting vague status updates that are very "woe is me," or just constantly complaining about anything and everything, I don't think that it does anyone any good. The negative person stays in that mindset and often brings out that side in others. I'm not saying that everything has to be sunshine and rainbows, and I don't think that you should keep things in that are bothering you, but I think some people get into a negative groove and have a hard time getting out of it.  

That brings me to the reason I'm talking about Facebook. There is something good happening on Facebook these days. Usually, I'm not one to follow the silly posting games/trends, like "I'm going to Germany for five months" or "I like it on the couch" or changing profile pictures to giraffes. In fact, I always ignore them. This one is different though.

Gratitude challenges are peppering my newsfeed with positivity. There are several different challenges floating around, but the general idea is that you post a few positive things each day - something good that's happening or something you're grateful for - for 5 or 7 days. Each day, you also nominate another person to do the same. I had been nominated for one of these a few months ago and didn't do it, but after finishing the #blissphotoaday challenge last month, I wanted to continue with the good thinking, so I thought I'd give it a go when I was nominated this time. 

I'm currently on day 5. Some days are easier than others. Today, I could have complained about getting up a many times to get my son settled or the fact that I have a mountain of housework to do, but I didn't. I was able to find the silver lining. Getting up many times in the night also meant that I was able to get my son back to sleep - that's a pretty great feeling. And that piling up housework? That's the result of having a nice chill day with my little family. I'll take any amount of housework to have that.

I'm hoping that after this, I'll remember to look for the positive throughout my day. I know it makes Facebook a much more positive place to visit, and hopefully others will continue to do the same.

Here are a couple of highlights: (As you can see, some are a little more silly than others.)

-Coffee: It's a little magic. When woken up at 5:30, it really helps get the day started when my body is rejecting morning. 

-I'm so thankful that Little C has two pairs of grandparents that love him so much. Grandparents are pretty special people in the lives of little ones, and he's lucky to have such great ones.

-Best feeling? In the middle of the night, when I lay back down after helping C. go back to sleep, and he stays sleeping. I go back to sleep feeling like sleep superhero. (At least until the next time he wakes up... but then it happens all over again!)

-Maternity Leave - I feel so fortunate to live in a place that allows me to have maternity leave. Many mothers (or fathers) don't have this option, so I am forever grateful.

-Holidays: Bonus days are the best! Just when you think the weekend is over, there's still a day left!

-I think Dawn Advanced Power dish detergent actually is magic. It will clean anything off your dishes in just a couple minutes of soaking. Seriously magic.

Today, try to think positive and spread a little positivity!

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