Sunday 28 September 2014

First Birthdays - PARTY or party?

Alright mummies, what do you do for a first birthday? Big PAR-TAY, with all the babies we know invited? Small grandparents/aunts/uncle type party? Casual drop in for friends and family? I don't know what to do! I have less than a month until Little C's first birthday party.

My brain tells me that a casual, low key, family and friends get together would the thing to do. Playtime for the kids and cake. I mean, really, what will he remember? Probably not much. Having more kids to play with and getting to eat cake would probably be a lot of excitement all on it's own.

On the other side, my heart (which is, as always, filled with mummy-guilt) tells me to make it the best party ever! We're talking Pinterest inspired party - thematic treats, decorations, games, favours... the whole nine yards.  Sure, it would really only be for the adults, but he'll be really impressed when he's older and looks at the photo albums, right?

So, I need to know. What did you do for your baby's first birthday - giant bash filled with fancy decorations and food, or chill open hous afternoon with just a few friends and family. Help!

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