Tuesday 9 September 2014

Back To Work

My maternity leave is over, and I'm starting my third week back at work. (Which also explains the lack of updates last week. Oops!) I'm happy to be back to work, but its also hard. Besides being away from my little guy all day, I've learned some things.

1) I miss nap time. Honestly, I rarely participated in nap time, but while Little C napped, I had some quiet time. Now there is no more quiet time. Is just rush, rush, busy, busy time. I've discovered that I am an introvert at heart, and need the solitary time to recharge. I need to learn to take a few minutes here and there for myself, so I can get at time.

2) My vocabulary has changed a lot over the past year. I was always a person who didn't like "fart jokes" and firmly believed that some things should not be discussed publically. Now, I laugh at farts, cheer when Facebook friend's kids use the potty for the first time (even though I still thinks an over-share), and have talked more about dirty diapers in the past year than I'd like to admit. Fart, poop, pee... all spoke many times a day. This is all fine to me, but it also means I have to learn to talk to adults again. Some words are not really considered part of professional dialogue. 

3) My secret dream was always to live in a musical. Well, having child makes that dream come true. I sing everything. Diaper changes? "There's a little bit of poo in there, just a little bit of poooooo!" Leaving the house? "Let's go, let's go, to the truck, to the truck!" The songs go on and on. I sing about lunch, letting the dog out, making supper, and don't even get me started on playtime. Everything becomes a song - a constant musical narrator. So, I guess I'm living the dream. The problem is that I could get some funny looks when I'm singing while setting up my laptop, writing down notes, or scheduling a meeting. I should also mention that singing is definitely not my forte. I have to watch myself. Or, maybe I should just let the songs flow! 

4) I can't stand still. I've heard this happens to parents, but I didn't really believe it... Until now. I was standing today and found myself swaying back to back. I have had to rock my son like hat in quite a while, at least not on a daily basis. Still, I couldn't stop myself. Sway back and forth, back and forth.

So, if you need me, I'll be at work, swaying, singing to myself, yawning and talking about poo. Life is good.

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