Monday 20 July 2015

My 1st Chalk Paint Project

I'm finished!

Bekvam Cart Makeover!

About 3 years ago, I purchased a Bekvam cart (from Ikea) for my teeny tiny kitchen. It's been sitting in my kitchen, unfinished, but well used, ever since. I had big plans, but it never happened, because I hated the idea of having to sand, prime, paint, and finish. That changed when I learned about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. No sanding, no priming, just painting.

It really is that easy. I started this project last weekend. Despite not spending a lot of time on it, a week later, it's done! It was pretty easy.

I only ran into one problem. Since the cart had been used over the past three years, without any finish on it, there were a couple of stains that had sunk into the wood, on the top. When I put the first coat of paint on the top, I could see a stain showing through. At the class I attended last weekend, the instructor (and "stockist") explained that sometimes a coat of shellac is necessary to block stains or smells. I picked up a small container of it at Kent, added coat to the top, and I was good to go. Stains blocked.

3 coats of paint & 2 coats of wax
Top: Annie Sloan Cream
Bottom: Annie Sloan Aubusson Blue

I think it turned out great. I didn't do any distressing, because I wanted to test out the paint as is. It covers great, and the colour is gorgeous.

Next up, my Forhoja cart from Ikea! I think I'm going to try some light distressing on that cart. After some practice, I'm going to refinish my kitchen cabinets. (Eeeek!)

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